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RIP Molly Murray

I was very sad to hear of my good friend Molly Murray's death via Twitter today. 

I hadn’t know her long but she’s become a good friend. 

We got to know each other on Twitter and quickly became friends, swapped emails and various parcels from me in England and from her in Italy. I liked her kindness, her sense of humour and her wonderful ability with images and words. She hated cruelty of all kinds. She was a rather shocked by the animals of Italy and she ended up adopting a few who came her way. 

Not only was she a very talented freelance writer and photographer, she also happened to have a medical degree - something she did not tell many people out of modesty.

She was originally from America but she settled in Scotland with her Scottish husband before moving to Tuscany before it became very fashionable for the sun and higher temperatures. 

On 1st January 2010 siansburys told me about a photo-a-day called Blipfoto, so I signed up and dragged some fellow Tweeters over here. Molly was one of them and perhaps the most dedicated of them all. 

This is a photograph of a jar of my own marmalade – the last thing I sent her. I was due to send her some things from Boots, but that will not be now. 

RIP Molly Murray, Amalarian, @Amalari - you’ll be missed by many.